Two Super Activities to Teach Your Kids the Books of the Bible

Do you and your kids know all 66 books of the Bible? If not here are two super fun activities that will have your kids reciting the names of God’s great books over and over again. Just follow the directions and have fun!¬†¬†unscramble teabag

Memorizing the Books of the Bible Activity #1:

Unscramble It!

For this activity you will need envelopes that contain the letters of any book in the Bible. Scramble the letters up. Divide your class into 2 teams. Give an envelope to a child on the first team and tell him that on the word “Go” he must unscramble the letters to write out a book of the Bible. Tell him that if he can unscramble the book within 30 seconds, he will earn 100 points for his team. (You can make the amount of time longer or shorter depending on your class.) As a challenge, you could give both teams an envelope that contains the same book. The first team to unscramble and find it in the Bible wins 100 points.

Memorizing the Books of the Bible Activity #2:

Bible Book Jump Rope

For this activity you will need a jump rope and 2 turners. Have a child from one team come forward. You will give him a book from the Bible. They must say the next 10 books that follow. If they are successful, they get 100 points for their team. Now the child gets to jump rope 10 times. For each successful jump up to 10, they get 10 extra points for their team. So, if the child jumped 8 times without stopping, he will earn 80 extra points.

Here’s a tip:¬†If you give the child a book from the Bible towards the end such as First John, he should just say the next 10 books by “wrapping” around to the beginning of the Bible. For example, the next 10 books after First John would be Second John, Third John, Jude, Revelation, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, and Joshua.