Serenity Oaks Wellness Center

About Treatment Center

Tranquility Oaks Wellness Center offers a serene domain in which patients in compulsion recuperation can mend and reexamine themselves. Through the execution of their thorough 5-week program, Serenity Oaks Wellness Center cultivates the longing to get calm, as well as the craving to develop, seek after interests old and new, and begin new with the guarantee of a superior future going ahead. This program, which intensely energizes all encompassing treatments for retouching mental and enthusiastic wellbeing amid compulsion recuperation, is a community oriented model built by the clinical, medicinal and recreational staff groups.

Our Beautiful Facility

Situated in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, our office is settled on 7.5 sections of land of property, taking into account a private and peaceful setting where one can concentrate on mending. By giving this break, people are propelled to focus exclusively on reconnecting with oneself so objectives and needs for a calm life can be all the more effectively acquired. Our extravagant private program offers present day decorations, private showers, and laid back recreational zones. We trust that treatment is imperative, however comfort all through treatment can make the experience a smoother change.

Getting the Help you Need with Treatment that Works

We realize that treatment can’t be the equivalent for all. This is the reason we offer an assortment of administrations. What’s more, they are accessible to all patients who select into our program. No two people will have a similar dependence encounter, and no two people will have created fixation a similar way. Along these lines, offering different administrations gives the two people a similar opportunity to distinguish the idea of their own enslavement and discover which medicines work explicitly for them. These projects incorporate restorative consideration and assessment, individual and gathering guiding, fundamental abilities planning, recreational excursions and exercise programs, and various all encompassing treatments. Discover which strategies work best for you by changing your life today and enlisting into our program!